Goodbye Old Web, Welcome WordPress

I have decided my personal webpage deserved a major revamp. I have recently heard a lot about WordPress so I thought it was a great opportunity to try it out. The famous 5 minute install turned out to take 37 minutes exactly. Not that bad. Except I had to do it twice because I accidentally broke the whole thing when trying to customize and “improve” the theme. By the way selecting a theme and customizing it at least a little bit took me rest of the first day.

Coming up with better structure and converting the content from my old webpage took me more than I expected. Transforming old galleries and posts, cleaning things up are not my favorite tasks… I decided to drop some content, including mainly study materials. And I have added a blogging section. Honestly, I wonder how many posts I will ever write but blogging seems to be cool nowadays and it is worth a try.

Good bye my old web, welcome WordPress!

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